An Appeal

BGVS emerged out of a collaboration of the National Literacy Mission, Government of India and the People’s Science Movement in 1989 to address the issue of illiteracy. During early years the activities of the organization were fully supported by the Government of India. The activities relating to literacy movement mobilizing the community inevitably force the organization to address the issues related to life. These shifts in activities certainly have its on impact and required more rigor.

 By this time, the people of our country, having been part of different kinds of BGVS activities felt the necessity and relevance of peoples movement like BGVS, demanded for the continued existence of the organization. Since then BGVS has largely been carried forward with the support of the people. This has also ensured that BGVS remains answerable or accountable primarily to the people, rather than to any authority. As a peoples science movement the benefit of the people remains our primary concern.

Each of BGVS well wishers has found his or her own ways to involve in and contribute to the movement. Some have become part of our movement by dedicating their time, skills, knowledge and expertise. Others have contributed to our organization through financial support. Organizations and institutions help the movement by associating with us for various programs.

You too can be a part of our family, by being a volunteer, by associating with us in our programs or by contributing financially.