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Even today more than a quarter of our population is illiterate, and we at BGVS take it on our shoulders to provide reading and writing skills to the illiterate, and in some states we lead the state resource centre.  Sustained efforts to close the literacy gap, is made in various forms, since the literacy campaign

BGVS, through its programs like Joy of Learning campaign, focussed on making learning process enjoyable and relating learning to the real life situations of the child. The sustained and long term initiatives like Gyan Vigyan Vidyalayas that linked education with the lives of children, demonstrated the effectiveness of child centred learning.

BGVS recognises that Education is neither a charity, nor a commodity to be sold. BGVS spearheaded the campaign for Right to Education, and in 2009 the RTE Act was passed by the parliament.  After this, campaigns to propagate the contents of the act, trainings for SMC members, preparing modules for SMC and trainings for government and Panchayat functionaries were held. 

While BGVS continues its efforts towards universalisation of education, we recognise the need to improve the quality of education as well. The intervention to develop democratic values and leadership abilities in children through Bal Cabinets is an example of the current programs to improve quality of Education.

It is important that literacy and education motivates people to continue learning and enable better livelihood. Vocational trainings, skill development workshops and other income generating programs are conducted across the country, providing continuous education.

‚ÄčThese are all enquires for developing age appropriate and equitable education by ensuring equal opportunities to all

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