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Soon after the enactment of present Panchayati Raj Act, BGVS took up the Desh Ko Janein, Desh Ko Badlein program, with the aim to help ordinary people to examine critically the process of development.  Programs were organised in various states in collaboration with agencies like UNICEF to train the elected Panchayat representatives and members of the community. Since then, thousands of BGVS volunteers have become PRI members, and helped in the development of their locality

Programs like the Literacy to Health Program, educating people on health, funded by the ministry of health and family welfare and Jan Swasthya Abhiyan are carried out with the aim to build a healthy society

Though it is necessary to classify the development concerns at an abstract level, the concerns of the people on the ground are interrelated. BGVS recognises this necessity and inevitability of all-round development and conceives Convergence as a citizen’s educational programme for democratic development, integrating people’s needs of Information, Livelihood and Governance. For us, the idea of Convergence means,

  • Integration of all developmental efforts at the Panchayat level

  • Focus of various activities in a specified geographical area – the Gram Panchayats.

  • Formation of a resource group – with definite skills and shared vision in each Gram Panchayat that can effectively intervene in the development process. 

At the operational level a Panchayat Resource group of 8 to 10 persons provide support to integrate all the efforts. It is responsibility of these groups to integrate all Government Schemes, in accordance with the necessities and conditions of the area.

Apart from Kalajatha, BGVS uses several media to communicate, printed word posters, theatres, massive leaflet campaigns and to a limited extent electronic media. BGVS frequently organises massive lecture campaigns on a variety of topics with each campaign resulting in several thousand lectures.

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