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Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti (BGVS) - a mass movement of community based volunteers- is a National Organization with associating units in 23 states, 350 districts and more than 25,000 Panchayats with 300,000 volunteer. Our volunteers include all sections of society such as school teachers, academicians, scientists, journalists, engineers, doctors, bureaucrats, technocrats, peasants, workers, youths and students. BGVS emerged out of a collaboration of the National Literacy Mission, Government of India and the People’s Science Movement in 1989 to extend the campaign mode of literacy to the entire nation.

BGVS envisions a secular democratic society where equity and social justice prevail.  We aim at an egalitarian society where the knowledge, economic and social divides do not exist.

We strive for social transformation through Science and Knowledge by enabling the people to realise the cause of their sufferings and come out of this by understanding their rights and responsibilities.

Spreading scientific knowledge and scientific temper and world vision amongst the people, working for literacy, continuing education and basic education, working for gender justice and addressing issues of the marginalized, working towards a healthy society, campaigning for people’s rights and publishing books as a part of propagating knowledge are some of the priority activities that we undertake to create an equitable society which ensures social justice.


  • An organization with vision for and commitment towards the equitable development of society

  • Outreach in 350 districts across 23 States

  • Network and linkages with Organizations, Institutions and People across India

  • Pool of resource persons and experts cutting across a range of development concerns

  • Pioneering experience working at grassroot level and in policy interventions, in the areas of Environment, Health, Gender & Women empowerment, Education & Literacy, Panchayati Raj, Livelihood and Development

  • Presence of volunteers in large numbers at the grass root level

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